Welcome To Leahtopia
The verse through the eyes of leah


Welcome to my website.

The Garden:
Easy access if you ask me. Nothing terribly personal here, just some interesting and entertaining stuff.

You must know me, and I must know you to give you the password.

I must have interacted with you recently, know you very well for years, and completely trust you. There are maybe 8 people in the whole world that qualify, so don't get all butt hurt when I say no.

*NOTE: All content within is intended as editorials or to entertain. Access will not be granted to government entities, nor corporations. It is only given to real individuals curious about me, and what I have to say and may not be viewed for any other purpose.

WHY would you want to gain access?
Because you want to know more about me, or you are bored. Or, I've died, and you need some filler for my eulogy.

WHY would I engage in such vanity?
It is no more vain than sharing every thought, action and mood on facebook or twitter. Don't judge, you do it too.


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